Nordic Machine Systems is a family run machinery company specialized in excavator trailers and special equipment.

Nordic Machine Systems (NMS) is a Estonian brand which develops and sells professional equipment for excavators.

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Nordic Machine Systems

Nordic Machine Systems (NMS) is an Estonian brand found throughout the Nordic countries, under which we manufacture machines for the construction, road maintenance and agricultural sectors. In addition, we offer special engineering designs for various fields.

We mainly operate in the construction, road maintenance and agricultural sectors. We have strong engineering expertise through our long-term partners and customers, and our products are developed by highly experienced and skilled mechanical engineers. All of our products go through mandatory strength calculations in advanced design programmes and are continuously developed and improved.

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I’ve been working with the NMS team since 2010. Our cooperation has always been very professional and mutually supportive. NMS products have a great reputation in Sweden, which makes it possible to do good business.

Anders Svensson – Maskinsystem AB
Anders Svensson

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